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8 Oct – Flight to Bucharest

Packed and ready to fly we headed to metro aiming for, Moskovskaya where we then had to get a bus, well it sounded like more of an African taxi service to me, which I was not thrilled about but our host had advised that’s how we got to the airport. We got to Moskovskaya without any problems found our ‘bus’ (which it turned out was pretty much an African taxi) paid our fares for the bags and us, and hoped we would know when we got to the airport. We arrived at a stop and from the driver’s gesturing we figured it was our stop and a lady on the bus told us “international walk go left”. Okay so we knew exactly where to go now! We found the terminal okay – it isn’t the most obvious or largest of buildings.

We went through bag check 1 of 2 just to get in the building. We were a little early so we sat and waited a while then decided to join the slowly forming queue for bag check 2 to get into the check-in area. A good decision it took nearly 45 minutes to get to the check-in area. We checked our luggage went through immigration and headed to our gate for another security check.

Finally we got on the plane and were headed for Prague. We changed gates in Prague with no hassles and boarded our flight to Bucharest.

By the time we arrived in Bucharest, it had been 10 hours since we left Russia, we had been flying for nearly 6 hours, gone back 2 time zones then forward another 1 and were just hoping that our airport transfer would be there to meet us and take us to our hostel – and he was.


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