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31 Oct – Top of Europe

This is the maddest day of all!

I could write just that but it probably needs a little explanation … We went to the “top of Europe” or Jungfraujoch, a beautiful, picturesque snow and glacier covered mountain high in the Swiss alps (at least I think its the alps, in the mountains anyway).

Its also home to the ice palace (come on you have seen it on “getaway”) which is very cool, like freezing cool, and there is also a viewing terrace where you can walk and touch the snow – I think the locals would technically call it ice but it was close enough for us to say its snow!

The trip up takes just over 2 hrs and involves 3 trains, all with outstanding views of the mountains and a glimpse into Swiss life – chalets, lush green pastures, glacier fed rivers and of course cows with their bells – its awesome !

We had lunch and a beer on “top of Europe” looking down over the glacier valley watching the beautiful blue sky disappear as the clouds rolled in and then we rolled out, going a slightly different way home through Grindelwald .. a real pretty little Heidi town.


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