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30 Oct – Interlaken

After a reasonable breakfast with very yummy very normal hot chocolate (i.e.. made on milk not melted chocolate!) we wandered slowly back to the station taking some daylight pics and taking in the scenery along the way.

We had an awesome train ride to Interlaken from Luzern, it is so pretty and scenic, all typical little chalets, and moo cows with bells, all set against the lushest green grass I think I have ever seen with mountains in the background, some even had snow – this place is awesome!

We arrived in Interlaken about lunch time, put our bags in lockers at the hostel and set off map less (as the hostel reception only opens at 4pm) to explore Interlaken – what little there appeared to actually be. We found an info office and the funicular railway had stopped yesterday, but the lady showed us a walk that would still give a pretty view.

We grabbed some lunch and headed for the hill. The hike well walk really – the lady made it sound a lot more adventurous and longer than it turned out to be – and the view whilst very nice wasn’t quite as high as we had thought either. Oh well, it did fill in a bit of time and stretched out our train legs.

After the walk we headed back to the hostel to check-in and do some washing and make sure they had tickets for Jungfraujoch – the top of Europe.

Having checked in, washed and purchased our Jungfrau tickets we headed off in search of food (hopefully that wasn’t too expensive). We have struck Monday again, which it appears in Europe is when everything is closed. We did however manage to find a souvenir shop open with cheap beanies and ear warmer bands (who knows what their technical term is, basically a beanie with the top cut off), so we got ourselves some souvenirs – very pretty.

We found a little kebab, pizza and pasta place which was quite nice and decided that a hot chocolate and some cake would be good. We found a café that was open, and it was ok. The service staff were slightly obnoxious and the cake was only so so 🙁


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