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28 Oct – Munich

Today was a mad train day, we had a quick hour and 40 minute trip cruising at 200km/hr … Sweet .. in the comfort of our first class leather ‘Bahn comfort’ seats … Ah the life of a backpacker.

Our destination, the mother lode of Bavaria – Munich or to the educated München (for those interested it means city of monks), or beer city/heaven though possibly for the locals a form of hell for 6-7 weeks of the year – seriously though think about it … would you want several 10’s of thousands of Aussie, Irish and English drunken louts in your city for a month .. Hmm thought not. But seriously Munich is not all beer halls, it has 11 universities, 300 churches, many museums plus one of the largest parks in Europe.

We arrived in Munich with the afternoon to explore. We headed into marienplatz, named after the column of the virgin Mary, the square is famous for its neo-gothic Town Hall, whose mechanical clock, or glockenspiel, which starts with a Bavarian jouster fighting a French one and guess who wins, followed by a Coopers dance to keep the plague away… but it only plays twice a day .. and unfortunately we missed it 🙁

We climbed to the top of St. Peterskirche for some pretty spec views of Munich, the town sq. and of course the mushroom/donut stadium (think back to the world cup .. It can change colour .. You know the one). And then the bells starting ringing to mark 15:00 they were awesome a real melody of bells that went on for ages, it was pretty neat.

We wandered through Viktualienmarkt, a plethora of fresh fruit, veggies, flowers, cheeses and meats and then onto Hofgarten past the residence were Bavarian rulers were housed from 1385 to 1918, then up Maximillian Str. very much the 5th Ave. of Munich, with all the priceless brand names – D & G, Tiffany’s etc etc, then back towards the sq. past the Frauenkirche, and onto home, for a few beers, dinner and some rugby, even if it was Irish, at the very funky, very modern Wombat’s Hostel we were calling home for the night.


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