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27 Oct – Nuremberg

Train to Nuremberg zipping along at 250km/hr. The scenery is like looking at an oil painting, you don’t actually believe these colours exist until you have seen them.

We arrived mid to late afternoon checked into our hostel and headed off to explore – its a very little place so it didn’t take that long. Nuremberg obviously played a major role during the Nazi years, and was reduced to rubble by Allied bombing, and was the scene for the war crimes trials afterwards, but less known though is that Nuremberg has a world-famous Christmas market – bet you didn’t know that!

We wandered through the old streets into Hauptmarket, the location of the most famous chriskindlesmarkt in Germany held from the Friday before Advent to Christmas Eve. We ambled up the hill to the Kaiserburg complex for a reasonable view of the city – plenty of church spires.

We wandered through the kaiserburg gardens and headed back down the hill winding our way through different streets till we arrived back at the market. We purchased some dried fruits to snack on and bananas for breaky and then wandered up the 5th Ave. of Nuremberg ;-).

We found a little Chinese place that was reasonably priced – hey we are back to Euro’s! After dinner we ambled some more then headed for home to check our transport bible website – The very trustworthy European train timetable, to check out our trains for the next few days.

The older of my ‘little’ south African brothers (he’s a few months younger)lives in Germany and we weren’t really sure if we would catch him or not, however our train to Switzerland from Munich appears to go through his town so I sent him a message and am hoping that maybe we can have lunch or a beer with him on the way through.

Otherwise a quiet night.


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