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23 Oct – Cesky Krumlov

A very early start to a very looong day. Today we were heading for the Czech Republic which has been fought over and occupied by its bigger neighbours for most of its history.

As I said the day started early like 7.30am for a train to Linz where we had 5 minutes to change trains, we were being optimistic. We pull into Linz see our train sitting on 3CD, we pulled into 5AB, we ran .. well as much as one can with a pack and day pack strapped on into the central hall to find the platform … there is no 3CD only 3, a quick look around then up onto 3 no trains, back down the stairs yep no other 3 platforms, back up the stairs and a couple are talking to a conductor … By the gentlemen’s stamping foot and finger pointing to where the train should be we knew we had missed it, or maybe more precisely it had left early.

So down to central area to the departures board, next train to Cesky Krumlov 3 hours oh great! Needless to say we bored ourselves stupid for 3 hours paid exorbitant price for some fast interesting to upload some photo’s then boarded our train for ceske budjovice, to change to Krumlov, which mind you is south of ceske, so we pretty go past where we want to go to then go back again … Czech trains are notorious for these types of things. So the long and short of it all we got to budjovice to find there was trackwork and we had to wait an hour there to get the connection.

We finally arrived in Cesky Krumlov about dinner time and thankfully there were a few taxis (rip offs but better than the walk) to take us to our little pension (B + B).

Cesky Krumlov in Bohemia’s deep south is one of the republics most picturesque towns. Its appearance has remained almost unchanged since the 18th century. The old town is almost encircled by a looping bend of the Vltava River, watched over by the chateau sprawling along a ridge above the west bank, its ornately decorated tower looking like a space rocket designed by Hans Christian Anderson.

Our little pension was just gorgeous as was the town which we wandered around in about 20 mins (in the dark which says quite a bit really). We found of all places a backpackers with a restaurant which unlike most other places was open, so we headed in and had one of the best meals so far.


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