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21 Oct – Vienna

Austria – Arnold Schwarzeneger’s homeland and epicenter of the mighty Habsburg empire stretching from Switzerland in the east to the Ukraine, south to the Balkans and north to the Czech Republic.

Today we were travelling from Bratislava to Vienna, music capital of Europe quite possibly. We arrived about lunch time, found our accommodation which was a nice room in an apartment building not far from the hostel (which is common in Europe).

We headed into town on the metro (one ticket covers rail, tram and bus), visited the not so helpful or friendly information centre then wandered through the streets passing the Albertina, Alte Hofburg Boys Chorus past Volks Garten and the Burg theatre up to the very cool looking City Hall complete with circus (and yummy looking food stalls, but we are saving them for another time). We walked up to Sigmund Freud park and a very gothic church undergoing renovations then back down into the city to the Hofburg (Imperial Palace) the Habsburgs’ city-centre base. The place is pretty big with all the gardens and then the two huge museums across the road. After taking in the pretty impressive palace we jumped on the city circle tram and did a dusk loop of the city, hopping on and off to get some pictures. We wandered the ‘mall’ near St. Stephen’s and stopped to listen to some very talented piano busking Vienna style – whip the whole piano out on wheels into the mall.

We headed back out to home to find some dinner.


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