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20 Oct – Bratislava

A lazy start some washing and then down to the bus station to get to Devin Castle 9km west of the city. It was once the military plaything of 9th century warlord Prince Ratislav.

Another one of our bad 50 50’s. Whenever there is a right or wrong way, short or long way, easy or hard way which one one do we get … Yep the wrong, longest and hardest one that’s which. It completely suxs. So the bus we were supposed to get didn’t arrive for like 2 hours (after checking that it was actually running), and of course there was another bus that would take us just about to the castle that arrived every 30 mins or so – only we didn’t know that and couldn’t ad the stupid timetable either. Thankfully a young guy asked where we were going and pointed us in the right direction (i.e. the regular bus) otherwise we would have walked away and never got to the castle which was really quite cool.

After the castle we did some interneting had dinner and packed.


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