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16 Oct – Sarajevo to Budapest

Its cold wet and miserable in Sarajevo today and to make matters worse its Monday, which means all the museums we wanted to see are closed, so now we have to wait around till 20:30 for our overnight train to Budapest. We wandered the shops and markets till we could window shop no more and were freezing cold, so we spent the afternoon in the hostels very crummy kitchen until it was time to leave for train.

We got our overnight train to Budapest with only one hitch – an unexpected 3am train change, and judging by the locals bewilderment it wasn’t it expected or normal, but we got on new train and continued our journey. Our train tonight was a ‘Harry Potter’ style 6 person booth, which we had to ourselves so we made ourselves comfy and tried to get some sleep however the constant interruptions for border checks and the heat (again) made this a hard task (out of Bosnia, in and out of Croatia, and in to Hungary – the passport got a work out tonight). We arrived in Budapest pretty much on time.


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