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14 Oct – Belgrade to Sarajevo

We had a lovely breakfast at the hostel, then headed over to the Bus station for what was going to be a very interesting day. We headed for the bus gate and had our luggage ready to go under the bus, the luggage man indicated we had to pay 1 Euro, so after trying to get a local currency amount out him (they always try to scam Euro’s where they can) we agreed to pay the Euro’s and gave him 10 (we had two bags @ 1 Euro/bag), he then tried to give us 6 Euro and 2 Bosnian dollars, I told him no way you want Euro so do we then he tries to tell us we have to get change and I say I am not leaving the compound (quite sure I won’t get back in), then the idiot takes our bags off the bus! By this stage even some of the local are shaking their head at him, and a young guy comes over who sort of speaks English. I ask him to tell bag keep his 4 Euro and put the bags on bus, guy goes over comes back shaking his head us, I then go over what happened – two bags 1 Euro each, we give ten he only has 6 to give back, tell him that is fine, keep the 2 extra. The young guy gives us a look (i think it was oh he’s ripping you off not the other way round like he had been told), he goes over says something the bags go on and we get our 6 Euro’s with the locals walking away from bag man. Then bag man charges a local lady 100 dinar for her bag (1 Euro is equal to about 60 dinar) what a pr*ck.

So having made it onto the bus, we started our trip which turned out to be the local bus service making about 5 million stops along with craziest unsafest driver ever, the idiot was a maniac, overtaking on the wrong side of the road, driving like a complete lunatic to point where we seriously weren’t sure we going to make it to Sarajevo – Not a pleasant thought considering it was an 8 hour bus trip! And to top it off it was supposed to stop at the station in town, it didn’t so we ended up about 5km out of town with no bus or tram, no local currency nothing. Luckily there was a servo about 500m up the road so trudged up the got money out and trudged back to the station, hoping that we would get a nice safe taxi driver.

We got a cab and he was friendly spoke a little English and didn’t rip us off thankfully. We arrived at the hostel to find the dorm rooms were located next door to the agencies reception and that Joseph and ZoĆ« where there as well – in our dorm room, funny how things turn out. We signed up for their tour of Sarajevo in the morning and to our room escorted by a guy who looked like he should be or wanted to be in the Mafia.

The room/hostel was ok boarding not great. The floorboards in our room at the doorway we missing a beam underneath so the sunk as you walked on them, there were no powerpoints and the bathroom well we just won’t go there yuck yuck yuck.

We headed out to have a quick look around before night set in and quickly realised the temporary had dropped another few degrees from Serbia and it was quite chilly.

We had kebabs for dinner and oh my g_d the meat in these kebabs was just divine almost like a melt in mouth roast kind of meat they were so delicious.
Its quite funny ally how you come to expect something to be a certain way, sort of like the pizza in Brasov. Well we have discovered that whilst the word kebab doesn’t need to translated – kebab is kebab in whatever language you speak – the kebab itself is well not so universal. The basics are there some sort of bread, meat of the big skewer thing, and from here well it gets interesting. Sometimes its coleslaw, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, and onion, sometimes all sometimes only one or two. Then there is the sauce issue – yogurt (sort of), garlic, ketchup, hot chilli, coleslaw (sort of). Then the bread, sometimes its like a bun cut in half then sandwich pressed or cut in a triangle sort of way, or a pita that’s opened in a triangle sort of way or just cut open. So what appears to be a quick and easy (and cheap) meal when ordered with hand signals, pointing or a simple watch the person in front and indicate the same again is not always that simple.

After a yummy dinner we headed for yummy ice cream. It appears that our thing is going to be sampling chocolate, ice cream and pastries around the world forget the fridge magnet this is much more fun!


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