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12 Oct – Brasov to Belgrade

A quiet day. We had wanted to go to Sighisoara – the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, but the and buses just wouldn’t get us there and back again to get our train back to Bucharest and onto Belgrade.

We had a lazy day doing computer things, wandering the town, having a nice pub lunch and chilling out at the hostel. Back to our group of 9 that was supposed to be 10 (when we arrived) well the 10th one turned up (passport drama), and wouldn’t believe it but on the bus from the station to the hostel she had her wallet stolen! These boys got on, bumped her and obviously reached into her bag took the wallet and got off. Why she didn’t have her bag zipped up etc who knows. How much would that suck!

We got a cab back to the station, waited the 2 hours between trains at Bucharest in McDonald’s (oh what fun) and caught our overnight train to Belgrade. We had purchased couchette seats (reclining seats) Not a sleeper because well in Romania there isn’t much difference. So we got on the train about half 9 by about 11pm the conductor threw sheets in for us became the couchette seats fold down into sleepers anyway. So basically we got a sleeper anyway, and we didn’t get any friends along the way so we had the cabin to ourselves – well except the border control interruptions of course. Not a great sleep but better than nothing.


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