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15 Nov – Madrid to Paris

Tash feeling a little brighter body is still sore and not a lot of energy. We went for a walk up around communications palace and Musee del Prado, then back to hostel for a rest, then out again for lunch then back to collect our bags and head for the airport for our flight to Madrid.

We arrived in Paris, the one and only Paris, in the dark, and attempted to navigate our way from Orly airport to Gare du Nord. Oh my g_d Moscow, London and New York have nothing on this place all combined! The transport system is totally crazy (in a very good way). There are two separate but interlinked systems – the metro with 14 lines and 372 stations; and the RER, a network of suburban lines that passes through the city centre. The stations are huge underground ant like cities that you can easily get lost in.

We managed to get to Gare du Nord, and in the dark attempted to walk to our hotel. Lets just say thank heavens for the lovely old French man walking his dog. G_d love him he spoke no English didn’t have his glasses to read the instructions I had scribbled down, but we managed to work out where we needed to go with him walking some of the way then pointing the rest out. We found the hotel, quite a walk especially with packs checked in then wandered down to the supermarket for dinner and supplies.


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