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Tash is not feeling great. She spent the night in the bathroom from what we can only gather is food poisoning, although I have eaten exactly the same and am fine.

So she has pretty much spent the day in bed, I went to the shop for water and chocolate supplies (we are eating our way around Europe), and spent the day catching up on writing and trying to organise tours to Bath and Stonehenge, Oxford and the D-Day beaches. I was successful for Bath and Stonehenge, managed to get ultra cheap 2 pound megabus tickets to Oxford but not successful with the D-Day beaches which we are really disappointed about. Its just not possible to do from Paris in a day without forking out 300 Euro’s which we just aren’t prepared to do, so unfortunately that will have to wait till our next trip or be a weekend trip if we decide to do the London work thing later on.

Otherwise a very quiet day.


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