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11 Nov – Barcelona

Spain the land of flamenco, fiestas and fun in sun but also rich in history and culture. A mammoth peninsula jutting out from southern Europe, Spain is home to just about every landscape imaginable, from beaches of the Costa de la Luz to the rugged peaks of the Pyrenees.

Catalonia is a varied land with both soaring mountains peaks and long, sandy coasts. Its capital Barcelona sits right on the Mediterranean ready to be explored. We arrived pretty much on schedule and headed out of the station to look for the metro, which we didn’t find but we did found a bus map and realised we weren’t that far from the hostel so we decided to walk.

We found the hostel without any dramas, only problem was the many flights of stairs. The hostel was very nice and situated not very far from Las Ramblas, a pedestrian boulevard stretching from Placa de Catalunya down to the waterfront, its lined with street buskers and artists and vendors selling everything from live chickens to blue roses.

We dumped our bags wandered up Las Ramblas to Place de Catalunya then across to de Grácia passing Gaudí ‘s “La Pedrera”.

On the way up de Grácia we witnessed a bag snatch. It was almost surreal. We were on one side of the street and then on the other side of the road we heard like a crack and at almost the same time we saw a young tall very quick man grab the bag run over to a parkade ramp jump the wall and he was gone. It happened in like 5 seconds flat yet was almost like slow motion. A little unnerving to say the least

We grabbed some late lunch and found that there wasn’t much open as it was siesta time. So we decided to head back to the hostel and make use of the internet facilities.

We then walked down to Port Vell along the pier to a small shopping and restaurant complex, and lots of fish feeding alongside the pier.

We wandered back to Monument a Colom, a statue of Columbus atop a tall pedestal and into the little side streets for some lovely tapas paella and football (of the soccer type).


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