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We woke packed our bags hiked back to the agency to drop our bags for the day as our train to milano was not till the arvo. We got the ‘bus’ (boat) from the station all way through the Canal Grande to Piazza San Marco which is enclosed by the basilica and the elegant Procuratie Vecchie and Procuratie Nuove. The ice-cream looking building is the Basilica di San Marco the counterpart of Constantinople’s Santa Sophia, built to house the body St. Mark. Stolen from his Egyptian burial place and smuggled into Venice in a barrel of pork, the saint has been reburied several times (at least twice poor St Mark was ‘lost’), his body now resting under the high altar.

From San Marco we meandered our way back to the hostel reception office where we had left our bags this morning. We managed to get back there without getting lost, which apparently in Venice is quite a feat!

We got our train to Milan, had a very cursory glance passport check in Milan prior to boarding our night train to Barcelona.

Remember our not so wonderful overnight train booth in St. Petersburg … We take it back it was a palace! This compartment or rather rat cage was even smaller than in Russia which we thought was impossible, and to make matters worse there was very limited baggage space, and of course we got two other people with copious amounts of luggage! Once the beds were folded out it was a little better but meant you were confined to your bed. We did manage to get some sleep – the carriage attendants look after border checks for you and we arrived in Barcelona pretty much on time.


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