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Not too early Train to Venice, the floating city that accrues 15 million visitors/year, which equates to 41095 people per day, only just out numbering the pigeons. Venice is built on 117 islands with 150-odd canals and 400 bridges, only 3 of which cross the Canal Grande.We arrived in Venice in the afternoon walked over Canal Grande to what we thought was our hostel to find that it was in fact an agency, and our room was a good 20 minute hike across town much to our displeasure, and even more so once we arrived at what can only be described as a dog box .. There was barely any room for our bags let alone us – not happy Jan! (much like the romantic ride being had by these poor suckers – see left)Leaving the kennel behind we wandered back through the streets looking at the wares and dinner options. We had dinner and ice cream then back to our kennel.


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