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We woke finished our packing stowed our bags and headed for the Galeria dell’ Accademia to see the Michelangelo statue of “David” who needs no introduction other than for those who don’t realise he is “David” as in David and Goliath.

We arrived just after 10am to find a decent queue already formed, so Tash joined the queue whilst I went in search of breaky – hot chocolate and nutella croissants, mmm yum. We had a wait of about 45 minutes, which was enough time to consume our breakfast.

We queued, we saw, we marveled – he really is a big statue something like 15ft tall and 10,000 pounds much bigger than I had imagined. The Accademia has a few other rooms of paintings and sculptures and a musical instrument exhibition which were also interesting. Being true tourist’s we have the trusty phone camera pictures of “David” as you aren’t supposed to take pictures 🙂

From David we grabbed some lunch and headed for the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo and Cathedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore and its campanile (or bell tower), which in hindsight climbing 414 steps just after eating was probably not our best idea, luckily it was a small lunch and we had shared.

So up the 414 steps we went, which was thankfully broken up with three viewing levels. The view was pretty good, it was a little cloudy and the smog/haze decreased visibility a little but it wasn’t a bad view of the Florence city area.

We wandered back to Piazza della Signoria and the Palazzo Vecchio, the traditional seat of Florentine government for a picture of the ‘fake’ David statue that stands in front of the Vecchio and back down to the Ponte through the Museo di Storia della Scienza. As we wandered through the arcade of the Museo and Galleria we were behind a couple of cops and like a slow wave moving in front of them all the hawkers started to fold their goods up in their canvas/calico sheets and stand there holding them as if they weren’t really there, it was totally hilarious, one of those MasterCard type events.

We headed back to the hotel grabbed our bags and off to the station we headed.

It was a quick trip to Rome, a short walk to the hostel from the very airport like very large train terminal complete with 30 or 40 plasma screen TV’s! Our host was most charming and helpful, pointing out sights, restaurants, transport etc for us on the map.

With warm clothes and map we headed down Via Cavour to the Roman Forum and Colosseum for a pretty cool first time in Rome view. We walked around the Colosseum back past the Forum to the Victor Emmanuel II Monument and then back up Via Cavour to a lovely little Chinese restaurant for a late dinner.


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