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29 Sept – Warsaw

We woke and headed for Wawel Castle, which has been around for approximately 50,000yrs and was once the private domain of Nazi governor Hans Frank during W.W.II, it is also home to the legendary Wawel Dragon, a nasty piece of work. We wandered the castle grounds, which includes its own pretty spectacular Cathedral and of course the dragon tower. It is said that the nasty dragon occupied caves in the Wawel rock formations and terrorised locals, stole sheep and feasted on virgins. There are however many different stories as to how the dragon was slain but the most popular is that it was by either Krak – founder of the city – or by one of his sons. All the stories do agree that the creature was tricked into eating a sheep stuffed with tar and sulfur causing it to explode into a ball of flames. I left not so convinced about the whole dragon story, because unless Matel were around back there and designed the dragon like Barbie – not exactly true to proportion, this dragon would have had to have been about 16ft tall about 1m wide and have jet propulsion wings, because this has got to be the skinniest arse castle tower I have seen!

So having the seen castle and debated on the dragon we headed for the train station leaving Kraków with less happy memories then planned but still with a liking for the little town and a keen interest in returning.

We arrived back in Warsaw with enough time to retrace our steps to get a few pictures at the places we really wanted (and lost on the memory card with the camera). An early night for us as we have a 7am flight to Moscow via Copenhagen (again).


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