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27 Sept – krakow

Today was supposed to be a good day. We left Warsaw with our day packs only, having left our packs at the hostel for when we returned in a few days. We got the train to Kraków and the people in our what we have termed our ‘harry potter’ booth where quite nice so we chatted to them along the way, the sun was out we had our plans all worked, our rugby mate Saus had given us some ideas of where to go and eat etc so we were set.

We jumped off the train headed for the bus terminal for our journey to Auschwitz and Birkenau, we got our tickets and headed back out to the little square for a bit to eat before the bud trip. Tash headed for the toilet I had the bags and was sussing out what food was available and some toss keeps trying to give me pamphlets, ignoring him isn’t working so a I give him a stern no and starts to wander away. Tash is back we grab our day bags get some cheese rolls and head back into the bus terminal. Its at this point we realise we don’t have the camera bag anymore! A few swear words later and going over where we last had the bag we realise that whilst I was being harassed by pamphlet man the camera bag was swiftly taken from between the bags at my feet. Not happy Jan ! Even more so because I know its from changing our normal pattern. So needles to say we didn’t make it to Auschwitz today, but rather spent the time trying to find the hostel – the instructions we had were for a tram that didn’t run, and trying to find a police officer who spoke enough English to make out we need to get a report done.

We did find one and he tried to get an interpreter but not were available and he indicated we should come back tomorrow about 10am – we had no idea if there was going to be an interpreter or if they would try again. So having semi sorted the report out we went camera hunting. For a small old town we were surprised and relieved to find a number of shops selling a good selection of new cameras that also seemed reasonably priced.

After camera hunting we wandered around trying to take in the sights but not really quite in the spirit. We wandered through Rynek Glówny the main market square originally designed in 1257. It ranks as one of the largest medieval squares in Europe. In the centre is the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) built in the 14th Century – it is effectively the world’s first shopping mall. Marking the edge of old town is the Florianska Gate, completed in 1307 it is one of the few surviving parts of the ancient defences that once circled the old town. Of course there were plenty of churches and even more old buildings with astounding architecture to marvel at. Still not feeling quite into it all we headed back to the hostel haven taken a few pics with the phone and video camera and with camera brands and prices in hand ready to google and suss out prices.


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