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25 Sept – Berlin to Warsaw

We packed up left our bags and headed to checkpoint Charlie to the free internet café/business – we are not really sure how its free but we didn’t care! So we wasted some time there before heading back to get our packs and off to the airport for our flight to Warsaw via Copenhagen.

Our flight whilst not long as such was a long day, we changed flights in Copenhagen with not quite 2hrs lay-over, and a last minute gate change that had us running from D12 to A12 at least we didn’t have our packs!

Otherwise the flight was fine we arrived in Warsaw with no problems got our first bus worked out how many stops till our change over point, got off and hmm our bus doesn’t run anymore! So we jumped back on the same number bus and headed into town to the central station and tried to work it out from there. We managed to find a bus that stopped we where we going so jumped on it and found the hostel. By this time it was about 10.30pm and neither of us was in the mood for food hunting so KFC on the corner was dinner. Ordering in polish was no easy feat let me tell you. The prices are hilarious as well ($US1 = about 3 polish zolty), so a zinger type meal cost 14 zolty which is kinda hard to get your head around at first, then you realise how cheap it really is, and fast food is not as cheap as local food! We decided against the beer with our burger! Yep “I’ll have a zinger meal and a beer” is totally legal and common here, in fact the little news stands sell alcohol which is spinning us out.


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