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22 Sept – Amsterdam to Berlin

Very fast (travelling at 250km/hr) to Berlin via Duisberg. Had a lovely older couple from Melbourne on the first leg that had travelled just about everywhere, so that made the time fly. We arrived in Berlin Germany, the powerhouse of central Europe in the late afternoon and we managed to work out the ticketing and trains to find our hostel without too many drama’s except that we were at a completely different station to what we thought! They are phasing out the main station of old and everything goes through the new main station, so once we had that sorted we were fine 🙂

We arrived at the hostel, which boasts as its slogan “try the best”, to find we had booked a 5 bed dorm, got an 8 bed dorm and the so called ‘included’ breakfast cost us 3 euro/person/night! And miracously the bill was exactly what we had been quoted on the ‘net … Hmm very interesting that the bigger cheaper dorm + breakfast = 5 bed dorm. Not a good start for their ‘best’ slogan. We took around the building, the kitchen and laundry combined in a tiny room with 1 oven, washer, dry and small fridge, more crosses.

We wandered up the street looking food after deciding we were not cooking in that kitchen! We managed to find a few little places together and the italian whilst looking empty a tad dodgy was emerging as the winner, so with a little hesitation we wandered and asked if they were still cooking (with hand signs to boot) and were pointed towards a hallway. At this stage neither of knew if he thought we wanted a toilet or food, so walkef down the hallway to see it led outdide to a large courtyard where there were about 15-20 very local looking people eating – phew! So in the end we had a really nice dinner, found an Aldi to get water and the all important chocolate. The Aldi was even more dodgy looking than the restaurant but it turns out the really cheap german chocolate is awesome and they had the coolest recycling gadget – you put the plastic soda bottles in it and ‘eats’ them (well it certainly made noises like that anyway) and for every bottle you get a credit then you get a voucher and a discount off your groceries – how awesome is that!


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