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Interesting start to our day – breakfast consisting of cheese and pork on bread, honey and chocolate (almost better than nutella) spread on bread!

After breaky we headed off through Vondelpark to the Rijksmuseum which was being renovated with few items on display, then up to Stedelijk museum in a temporary home and onto to the Van Gogh museum which houses the world’s largest collection of his works also under repair or something, we really weren’t having luck with Dutch museums.

After lucking out at the museums we wandered alongside the Amstel canal, the biggest of the canals in central Amsterdam over the Magere Brug (a bridge) into Waterlooplein.

We then headed to the train station to book our ticket to Berlin for tomorrow and lucky we did, as it was we had to take a train to Duisberg then to Berlin because the others were all booked out! We wandered back to the Dam had some lunch, then onto Mont (might be mint) tower, back into Nieuwmarkt and then past Anne Frankhuis, we think, as it was obviously closed.neither of us remembered that the house was Amsterdam either so we didn’t really know what we were looking for 🙁

We had a lovely Italian dinner on the main drag heading back to the hostel and then we wandered back along Amstel to Magere Brug and Waterlooplein for some night photos then home.


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