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London to Brussels

Today we start our Europe adventure on the very grand Eurostar to Brussels. Well we thought it would be grand, its nice and all but really just another train that goes really quick, and has comfy seats, a bar and a restaurant – hmm ok so its a little grand but not what I expected and I am really not sure what I actually expected ?

So we raced along for about 2 hours arriving in Brussels on time – hello state rail take not international trains run on time why can’t the maitland to Newcastle ?

We found our way to the hostel not really knowing what to expect. In the states most of the hostels, in fact about 95% of them were Hostelling International, in Europe however they were not so we weren’t sure of the quality. Some came recommended by people or guides others selected on amenities, ratings and comments from hostel booking sites.

This one was excellent, small new renovated and very funky. Our room was huge, in the attic sort of, with own bathroom and a street view out the window – we were off to a very good start.

We found a nice little supermarket around the corner, grabbed some dinner supplies, had dinner and tried to make a plan of attack for tomorrow.


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