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Today we had a sleep in, made breaky for the house, left Phillo feeling sore from his rugby game yesterday playing his new computer game, while us 3 girls headed into London.

Without meaning to nor really wanting to we did the “Walkabout” walk, passing by 3 of the well known aussie pubs on our stroll through the streets of London and past the Australia Shop where we purchased a Caramello Koala (mmm yum), all on our quest to find the Harp pub.

We found “The Harp Pub”, unfortunately no Harp glasses 🙁 nor any Harp beer.

We strolled through the very famous Covent Gardens, had a lovely lunch, jumped on an old red bus for a block or two, past the Supreme Court through Essex St and all its solicitors chambers continuing on past the City of London protecting dragons over the creek, where there heaps of people on the banks again, apparently there was a bride-a-thon or something on (it must have been a bridge theme this weekend)


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