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An early morning start that was a bit slow to start, to meet Meggs and Paul at Waterloo station. Again excellent to see them after so long. We started the day with a trip to Harrods and a bear hunting expedition. After we had found the bear with the best face we had a quick look through the electrical area then out and off to a pretty spectacular building – Museum of Natural History – its sort of a cross between a train station and and a church – its very cool. We had a look at the dinosaur exhibition, had some lunch then off to Windsor Castle and Kensington gardens.

From here we headed probably pretty crazily into Oxford St which was absolutely bustling with people 20 deep in every direction. We managed to get out of Oxford St alive and found our way down to St. Paul’s, then over the rather infamous Millennium Bridge, to the Globe Theatre and Tate Britain, through the crowds of people along the Thames, apparently there had been a walk the bridges for charity or something earlier in the day.

We said goodbye to Meggs and Paul and headed off home to meet Nell and Phillo for a drink down the road from home at the Putney waterfront area in a lovely English pub with the Thames even lit up in the background.


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