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After what felt like almost no sleep yet the best sleep just about the whole trip we crawled out of bed early with one aim for the day – our Russian visa. So we reluctantly returned to the District line for our trip to Notting hill, and it didn’t fail to disappoint, we were once again stuck on the train between stations this time only for about 25 mins. We did manage to get to Notting hill station, find the embassy and join the queue before it was ridiculously long. Once in the line we got talking to a gentlemen who was applying for a business visa and was telling us about supposed changes to the visa form i.e.. Handwritten applications wouldn’t be accepted … What were we doing whilst standing in the line, yep filling out the form. So now I am starting to freak out that they won’t take the applications and even if we find internet close will not got back before noon. We finally make it into the embassy and sure enough everywhere we look there are signs stating handwritten applications will not be accepted. By now I am past freak out point, and have resigned myself to wasting another day standing in a line. We get to the counter and I shove all the tour paperwork through first then the applications, the guy takes them and sends us to the cashier, phew, that was close. So we pay the ridiculous amount to get same day service and are told to come back at 4pm.

With more than a few hours to kill we decided to have a look at the sights on this side of the city. We jumped the subway to Marble Arch, then a bus out to Lords cricket ground. Now I will admit I am not the biggest cricket fan, but I always thought that Lords was a bit like Sydney – you now really grand with all the old stands … No! Its this modern ugly monstrosity. Very disappointed indeed.

So after extreme disappointment we headed back to Marble Arch, then over to Hyde Park, through to Buckingham Palace, back through Green Park to Wellington Arch, with the ANZAC memorial alongside it then back to Marble Arch to the Embassy to collect our passports and hooray they had Russian visas in them!

So feeling a little weary we headed back home for some lovely home hospitality.


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