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So we arrive into heathrow, with very good instructions from Nell + Phillo on how to get to their place. We find the train at heathrow, line up forever because the ticket machines don’t take notes, umhello its airport what ATM spits out coins ? So we have our tickets cram onto the train with 50 people and 500 pieces of luggage, get off at Earl’s Court change to the underground District line, and it pretty much goes to crap from here.

About 300m from Earl’s Court, the train is stopped and we are stuck in this tunnel for about 45 minutes, we then get taken back to Earl’s Court – mind you the train going in the same direction next to us goes forward to the next station – where under normal circumstances we would have taken another train and sat in the chaos, but we were on a tight timeframe, we had to get to the Russian Embassy to lodge our visa papers before midday. So we go outside looking for a black cab none to be seen those we do have a fare, and finally when one does (after about 25 mins) he won’t take us, tells us to get the train (umm this is your job and moneyyou idiot) so we explain about the trains and he still won’t take us – you’re right Phillo we should have kicked his door.

So we sweet talk our way back into the station get a train back the samay we came from the airport and get a cab from another station near their place. So as you can guess there is no hope on this earth of us getting to the Embassy in time.

We get to Nell and Phillo’s have some lunch and decide that we will head into the city and see what we can see and worry about our visa tomorrow.

Whilst not the best of weather it wasn’t raining or windy we set off from Waterloo (we left the underground right alone and got the aboveground). We wandered into (well not literally) the Thames River, or the creek a everyone around seems to refer to it as, over the Thames into Trafalgar Sq, down … Past the Queen’s Arch, the Horse Guards, guards memorial, past the blue door of No.10 Downing St, then down to corner where Big Ben Towers majestically over a very pretty and important part of Westminster – parliament and surrounding buildings including Westminster Abbeyand the jewel castle.

After wandering around these for a little while, we headed over to Tower Bridge with a lovely view of of tower of london. We got see the bridge going up and down to allow a tall ship to go through. We then headed over to London Bridge. Pretty exhausted we headed back home for a huge and delicious roast dinner courtesy of Phillo, after which we proceeded to bore them both to death with stories and pictures then finally bed.


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