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NYC and flight to London

Today we headed off to try to make the most of last morning in NYC. We headed off to post office, then into Central Park, up around Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy reservior which has a pretty good city skyline view then futhrt up the park to the ice skating rink. Now everybody has seen endless numbers of movies featuring the rink – yes, okay bad news it looks nothing like it! You know how they glide across the expanse of the park and step ever so graciously onto the rink … The rink is fenced, its tiny and there are steps hmmm good ole hollywood.

So after strolling the park we headed back to collect our bags aand head to the airport. No drama’s at airport thank goodness, hand luggage a ok so long as no liquids (which we had triple checked), and yep once againi got picked for extra customs screening – this time (once before they have glanced at them but that’s it) they actually took my prescription meds out looked them, looked at the dr’s letter then handed it all back over and off we went. I should mention that whilst tash is carrying a virtual drugstore (asthma and sinus) they haven’t even looked in her bag, I am carrying the usual precautionary stuff and I am the one always selected!

Sooo, we make it through customs get on the plane, have our own little video screens and it also shows a map of where we are, we are going and fast etc – very cool. The flight is another short one only just over 5 hrs but it takes about 2 hrs to taxi to the runway at JFK, where when we eventually take off there are 15 other planes in the queue – mad. Another night flight with early morning arrival 7am london time into heathrow, another night with no sleep – I just can’t sleep on planes, and there are always good movies to wattch, this time The Sentinel (a good secret service movie – very fitting) and Over the Hedge, not sure if its a Disney Pixar but it was hilarious.


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