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9/11 – NYC

Well today is 9/11, and as you can imagine its pretty sad here in NYC. We woke up and watched the memorial being conducted at ground zero until the second bell tolled signifying the collapse of WTC1. We had decided not to go to ground zero today, however it seems the universe had other ideas. We set off headed for the bottom of manhattan – bowling green and battery park. As we got close all roads seemed to lead to ground zero. So we ended up at the memorial/exhibition site and then wandered around the site, down to WTC 3 and 4, past the stage where the final names were being read, the ramp down into ground zero, with hundreds of family and uniformed personnel going in and out, past many personal tributes placed on the fences all around the site – too sad a ace to stay for too long, and we felt like we were intruding on the grieving families, so we managed to weave our way out of WTC through wall st padt the stock exchange and down to bowling green where wrought-iron fence spears were broken off to use as bullets in the revolutionary war and where we saw the big charging bull statue made famous for its rather oversized personal bits. Then down into battery park, where there is the sphere relocated from WTC after being damaged on 9/11, a lovely clear sunny view of the lovely lady on the island, ellis island where many immigrants were processed, past some little stalls where I picked up a lovely NYC hat for 5 bucks – bargain (mum – am sending old hat home you may want to soak and hang outside for a few days!).

We had lovely lebanese lunch then headed up town to checkout an internet place we heard of, stayed there a while then headed to Rockefeller centre, NBC studios, radio city music hall and some window shopping on 5th ave hmm maybe not, not really our sort of shops or prices for that matter, come to think I don’t think our packs can take anymore anyway.

We headed back to the hotel to do our washing and pack.


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