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Niagara to NYC

Today we woke all gloomy as we had to leave the pretty waterfalls behind, even the weather was crying. We were also gloomy because it was another Greyhound and border crossing day. We get an hour earlier bus out of Niagara falls headed for buffalo USA, where we get our bus to NYC. Sounds great, pity it took us over an hour to get into the border crossing and almost the same time to get through customs and immigration – again take the bags off the bus walk the building put bags back on bus continue trip. So we arrive in buffalo after our scheduled departure, and wait for the next bus. So the bus arrives and off we head with an arrival time the same as on our ticket – what the? How can that be we are at least an hour behind … We put it down to …. Its greyhound !

Soooo after 11 hours, oh yeah we are feeling good – not, we arrive in NYC only 20 mins off schedule. The highlight of the day, well maybe there were two; 1) when we stopped at Syracuse there was a “subway” so we got to eat al food for lunch and 2)having already been in NYC we knew our way around the tickets and subway and man does it make it easier, we got off that bus cruised through the subway like locals! Oh okay there are 3 highlights, we had the yummiest apple pie and cheesecake in a diner on the upper west side for dessert after 11 hrs on a bus we deserved it! Mmm mm yummy.


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