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Niagara Falls

Another glorious day at the falls, a sleep in and a walk down to the falls to ride “the maid of the mist”, a tourist boat/ferry that has been leaving from both sides of the falls since 1846. After dressing up in our pretty blue poncho’s and getting wet in the falls we headed up into the very strange main street, a kind of cheap Vegas come carnival spectacle that doesn’t fit the beautiful scenery at the bottom of the street.

We had dinner at a lovely steakhouse “Montana’s” – yummy ribs after walking the restaurant strip for about 3/4 an hour looking for an ATM. We have one of those travelex visa cards (that isn’t a visa but more like a debit card) that you can get in different currencies (ours is US),which I might add is fantastic and we have no problems to date, but no tonight when we have a schedule – fireworks at 10pm – we can’t find one that a)either works, b)isn’t charging $3 for the transaction and only only $60 to be taken out! We do eventually find an ATM and obviously make it to dinner.

We do however only just make it to the fireworks on time, and they were pretty decent, so we got some pics there too, just in case we didn’t have enough.


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