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Toronto to Niagara Falls

Today was a great day! We took the bus to Niagara falls. We were supposed to stay at the hostel there, however yesterday during our lazy arvo I was checking our reservations for the next few places and realised that somehow I had only booked for 1 person … Oops, must thought I’d loose the old girl in NYC oh now that’s just nasty 🙂 …. At the same time we realised that the dorm bed in the hostel was $40 bucks a night what! No way were we paying that. So I looked up a couple of the hotel sites we had stayed with when we had the car, and found the holiday inn was only $10-15 (sat night slightly higher) for our own room and closer to the falls. So we booked that and were we happy, you could literally see the falls from the gutter (not that we were in the gutter mum)! After dumping our bags we headed (I think it was almost running) down the road to the falls, stopping at the Skylon tower – I know we are complete suckers for towers but that was kinda our holiday thing, instead of magnets or keyrings we would do all the towers. This one didn’t disappoint, it was awesome, the view was amazing and there were even little markers so we knew what we were looking at – not the falls you comedians, the town and surrounds.

So having exhausted the tower views for long enough (and a few pictures on the camera card) we headed down to the falls. Its really pretty there is a road that goes up along the falls and alongside the road is a park. There is a nice wide footpath all the way along the falls so plenty of space for all to view. The falls are excellent and yes they really are better in Canada – why? Because you can’t see the whole falls from the USA side.

We stayed and admired the falls for awhile and took plenty of pretty pictures and video and then headed back to the hotel for showers and dinner. The falls were not as tall/high as we thought and didn’t make as big as a roar as we thought they might but they are still very mighty and beautiful.

After dinner we headed back to falls to see them lit up in pretty rainbow colours. They did look good and I think we got some good pics, but we both prefer them by day.


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