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Today was a bit clearer so we decided to go up CN tower – the world’s largest freestanding structure, but first we needed to fill our tummy’s, so we headed to what has become almost home here in the east “richtree” food courts for yummy omelete and the biggest hot chocolate ever, you could almost swim in the bowl, it was quite ridiculous really. So with full tums up the tower we went. Hmmm, what a waste, is all that I will say on this all ages forum (read into that what you will). There are no markers so you don’t know what you are looking at, the open air observation deck has tiny chicken wire from ledge to roof angled so you can’t see a damn thing – a waste of time and money! So after the tower we headed for more tranquil areas – the waterfront. Its quite lovely really, the little boardwalk along Lake Ontario, though a few more cafes and restaurants would really pick it up. So now all calm and relaxed we headed back into the city under Union Station, where the skies opened up on us, so we made a mad dash back to the hostel for a lazy evening and packing.


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