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A Birthday in Montreal

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks for phone calls, texts and emails xxx

As it was a special day (and it was available), we treated ourselves to a yummy bacon and eggs breakfast at the hostel café (a whole $CAD5 for the two of us!)

After breaky we attempted to find our way thru and around the extremely French Montreal (obvious I know but even the tourist brochures are in french umm hello), we did however manage to see the Basilique Notre Dame completed in 1823 and holds a whopping 5000 people; Cathédrale Marie Reine du Monde a scaled down version of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome; the Hôtel de ville marking the spot where Charles de Gaulle cried something in French which fueled the fires of the Quebec separatist movement; we wandered down and through Place Jacques Cartier a cobblestone strip filled with cáfes vendors and horse drawn carriages – how very romantic; the very real looking (as in if the LP hadn’t said it was fiberglass we wouldn’t have known) fiberglass replica of Colonne Nelson the British Admiral who defeated the French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar and the statue of obscure French admiral Jean Vauquelin erected in response; Vieux Port (piers on the water); champs de mars; about 5 other churches, statues and lots of shopping and lots more crazy college kids. We had dinner in a lovely Indonesian restaurants – hey there was no way I was eating snails and frogs legs on my birthday!


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