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Boston to Montreal

Another greyhound day traveling from Boston to Montreal with a very funny border crossing. Get off the bus bags and all, go through Canadian immigration walk out door other end of room the bus drives 100m stops we put bags back on bus and get back on bus and continue on journey – very amusing.

We checked into our hostel after a somewhat successful navigation of the subway system. We got the map – in french – worked out where we were going, headed to ticket counter pointing at the map – we here yes, we go here okay get that line over there – we pay the money and head over to the platform, yep destination is on sign, train arrives we ask passenger if train is going to our stop pointing at metro map, so they answer in french ?? Umm hello if we spoke french we wouldn’t be stupidly pointing at the map with names on it we can’t pronounce. We did gather from the semi gesturing that it wasn’t going where we wanted. To make things even more interesting the train didn’t have destinations on it!!!

So we waited for the next train and on the very front was the destination – going the opposite direction we wanted. How when our platform had our destination signposted we have no idea, but we headed over to the other platform anyway. It seems the station we got on at is the ‘opposite’, the one we got off on appeared to be in order – a trick for tourists maybe ?

So after a muddled start we headed up to the main street and wandered along it, it was very busy and quite obviously “O” week at the colleges, as there were very crazy college kid clans running all over the place, chanting and ya-hooing, very amusing. While wandering we located a supermarket, picked up our supplies and headed back to the hostel via “Tim Horton’s”. Now for those that don’t know Tim’s is like krispy kreme (doughnuts, lots of different flavored yummy doughnuts) but much better. We both have a sweet tooth and would have worked the Tim phenomenon out sooner or later (they are not quite so prolific as Starbucks but close), however , our lovely rugby mate Nat has a lot to answer for regarding our new found attraction to Tim’s. “you have to go to Tim horton’s when you are in Canada” she tells us. So naturally when someone says something like that what do you do .. You look for them, almost hunt them out. So when we first arrived in Vancouver we did just that, every shopping strip and food court we came across we were scouring for Tim’s and then gold, we found one and have been hooked ever since. So Nat when we arrive in Europe and Tim’s isn’t there (are they?) and we need Tim anonymous you better answer your phone!

So needless to say we cooked dinner and finished off with a Tim’s doughnut and the tennis.


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