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Welcome to American history 101. Today we walked the Boston freedom trail passing significant people, places and events in American history. Starting at the Boston commons (oldest park in America, est 1634) we headed down the red line marking our path for the next few hours past park street church and the old granary burying ground – final resting place for john Hancock, Paul revere, Samuel Adams (not of beer fame) – all signatures of the declaration of independence and victims of the Boston massacre. Then onto kings chapel and burial ground; old city hall; old south meeting house where Samuel Adams gave the signal to proceed with Boston tea party a protest to British taxation on tea leading to the American revolution; old state house where from the balcony declaration of independence was first read in Boston; Boston massacre site marking clash of British guard of nine and a jeering Boston crowd on march 5 1770; fanueil hall; custom house tower Boston’s first skyscraper; Paul revere house oldest home in Boston c1680 home to silversmith and patriot; old north church and copp’s hill burial ground.

It was then across Charleston bridge to bunker hill monument, site of the historic battle of June 17, 1775 and Charleston navy yard and the USS Constitution “old ironsides” the oldest commissioned warship in the world.

We retraced our steps across the bridge and the little red line awhile to get some lunch and see the new England holocaust memorial – six luminous glass towers etched with six million prisoner numbers of those who perished in the camps. After some lunch we got back on our red line and headed back to the commons to the very grand state house built in 1798 topped by a golden dome.

Having seen pretty much all the sights in the city we headed out the esteemed suburb of Cambridge to Harvard University. This place is every bit as big old and beautiful as the movies make out. We wandered through Harvard yard, into the square, past all the dormitories and huge library, the very beautiful old church and university buildings.

After Harvard we wandered back to Back Bay via the public library the first publicly supported municipal library in the world. Now probably by now you are wondering why we are always going to the library when we are on holidays … Quite simple really Free internet !! Yep anywhere from 15 mins to an 1 hour, quite excellent.


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