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New York New York

With wet footpaths and a grey sky we headed off to conquer New York. We headed back down to times square and to the info centre which was not really that helpful and did a little shopping. We then went down to Madison sq. gardens, the venue for many famous sporting and musical events. From here we headed to Greenwich village and Christopher St, home to the Oscar wilde bookstore and Stonewall bar, site of the 1969 rebellion. With the sky having opened up on us we wandered a little thru Greenwich though not as much as we would have liked.

It was then onto city hall and World Trade Centre, still a very eerie place 5 years on. Being reasonably clever we knew that they had cleaned up and were starting on the new freedom towers, but it was still strange not seeing the dust, and debris everywhere it was almost like okay take the green screen away and show us what it really looks like. Guess it goes to show the impact of the media today – if they put the same images in front of you enough times over a period of time you start believe that that is what it really looks like – they have there work cut out trying to replace those images with the new Freedom Tower as it begins to take shape and the city looks towards 2010.

After the WTC we wandered through some of the other financial towers and then made our way down to the Staten island ferry which takes 70,000 passengers on the 25 minute, five mile trip 103 times per day, where through the mist and grey we did manage to see the mighty statue of liberty – a gift from the French in 1865. For an indication of just how big she is the index finger is eight feet long!

Cold and damp we headed back to the upper west side and wandered through the streets passing “Zabars” (the food market) from one of my favorite movies “you’ve got mail” 🙂 grabbed some dinner and watched some sport.


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