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Washington DC

We say goodbye to the girls today, and head off to hit the Smithsonian museums, namely Air & Space and the Natural History museums. Air & Space, one of the most popular museums in the world was excellent. It holds full-size air and spacecraft including the Wright brothers’ flyer, Lindbergh’s Spirit of St Louis to the Apollo 11 Command Module. There are loads of exhibits, way to many to stop and read and play with everyone unless you have about 2 weeks!

After conquering Air & Space we headed to Natural History, home to the dinosaurs exhibit. Aside from T Rex and Triceratops, there we rock/mineral/gem exhibits including the 45-karat Hope Diamond. There were earthquakes and volcanoes, man and ape, animal, and fish exhibits and world culture exhibits which again were far too many too read and play with, because of time for one but also because our brains had seized up, information overload.

With frozen brains we wandered up to the Navy memorial where the navy band was supposed to playing. When we got there they were warming up so we headed into Chinatown for dinner and then back to the memorial for the concert which was pretty good and based on the numbers of secret service personnel there was obviously someone of importance there but not that we recognised or was obvious.


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