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Washington DC

So after a reasonably early night (only because we couldn’t find and liquor stores open @ 1am!) we were up and about having breakfast when we ran into G & H, who were heading out to the pentagon, so we headed interstate (to the extremely nearby Virginia)to find the very secretive pentagon. After a short subway ride we found ourselves standing literally next to walls of the pentagon so with opportunity just begging we had to touch the wall, after some searching of walls for guns and grass for I really don’t know what, 3 of bravely raced the 4m touched the wall and returned safely to the bus/train station concrete path. We walked around to the 9/11 memorial and saw the design for the memorial garden currently being constructed – its actually neat what they are building the garden will have 184 seats, which when you sit on them if you see sky will be in memory of someone on the plane, but if you see the pentagon it will be in memory of a pentagon person.

We then headed back into town to the Ronald Reagan International trade centre home to info centre only to find it closed. So we grabbed lunch left the girls with our plans for tomorrow organised and headed off towards the Tidal Basin to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Memorial in honor of the 32nd President and the only one to be elected for four terms. Then around the basin to the Thomas Jefferson (TJ) designed to mimic the Monticello home of the third President.

We then headed back towards the mall past the Bureau of Engraving and Printing up to White House for another look and the buildings and statues around Pennsylvania Ave. We then headed for the supermarket and a quiet night at the hostel.


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