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Washington DC

Our first day in DC was huge we covered plenty of ground and lots of sites. We headed down to the Capitol where big George laid the cornerstone in 1793 sitting atop Capitol hill, the reflecting ponds, Ulysses S Grant statues; the library of congress Jefferson building; the imposing marble building that is the supreme court the highest court in the land built in 1935; taft memorial and offices for the House + Senate

We then headed down National Mall a 400ft wide green (well parched brown when we were there) home to DC`s most famous monuments and museums -the Smithsonian, made possible from an original gift of $4,100,000 in 1826 from Englishman James Smithsonian to found an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge, the collection today is so large that at anyone time only 1% is on display. At the end of the mall stands the Washington monument a 555ft-tall white obelisk. At the bottom of the hill sits the W.W.II memorial honoring the 16 million Americans who served and the 400,000 that died. At the western end of the pond sits the Lincoln memorial dedicated to the 16th President , resembling a Greek temple and the statues hands read “A” & “L” in sign language. On either sit the Korean memorial with its eerie 19 stone soldiers and the Vietnam memorial where more than 58,000 names are etched onto the black marble.

From here we to headed to the White House, where since 1800 every President has lived. Next door the Treasury Building and old executive building and of course the White House, ellipse and Pennsylvania Ave.

After a long day sightseeing we headed back to the hostel and off on hostel provided tour of Du Pont circle and to sample some ales. Du Pont is an extremely old area of DC, originally marshland has been through many stages of riches and poor and is currently undergoing a revival and is home Washington’s diplomatic community. So having checked out the place and learnt a bit of the history we headed to few bars – “the big hunt & lucky bar” for dinner and beer with our fellow backpackers. It was on this tour/outing that we met some very lovely English girls – gemma and hayley – who are absolutely hilarious and kept us in stitches during their stay in DC.


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