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A reasonably eventful day and Greyhound ride from Chicago to Cleveland. Late yesterday afternoon we had been shopping and looking at caps and college shirts and couldnt decide if we really wanted or liked so hadnt purchased, however over dinner decided that we did like and did want to purchase so we got up and headed into town only to find the shops closed (it was 9.15) so we headed to the greyhound terminal nice and early and waited for our bus.

Being relative newcommers to greyhound we werent sure how it all worked – well by the end of the day we knew how it worked – it doesnt !

Our gate was full of people going to New york, our bus and destination wasnt on the board so we asked what was happening and yep our bus ended up in new york so we joined the queue considerably further back then we would have been and by this time (about and hour and half before the bus is due) it is evident that everyone is not going to fit.

So the bus finally arrives about an hour late and wouldnt you know it we dont all fit – idiots ! So then we have to wait for a second bus- another hour – so by this time we are running so late its not funny just lucky we dont have connections. So we finally arrive in Cleveland at about half 11pm and thank g_d are greeted with a 5 star room – king bed, huge spa – ahhhh we feel a little better 😉

So after a late night we decided to explore Cleveland. We left the hotel heading in what we thought was the right direction unfortunately due to roadworks the cabby had done a blocky on us and we went the wrong way, so after correcting that little mistake we made our way into downtown Cleveland. We got an info sheet from the wanna be info centre and off we went to explore. We saw the bell that rang as Lincoln’s casket passed thru all those years ago, an old arc lamp (read gas lamp post); Cleveland browns (gridiron) stadium; peace memorial and statue of Jesse Owens; the old federal building; statue of big Linc with his “seven score” speech inscribed; the eternal life statue; federal reserve; the very large (2 buildings) public library and the soldiers memorial. For a down trodden industrial city there sure are some pretty grand old buildings. There is also a lot of revitalising going on in the city. After all this site seeing we headed out to Jacobs field (Cleveland Indians baseball) hopefully for a tour, but they had finished for the day, so got tickets for 2mrw and I bought a T-shirt.

17 August
After a decent nights sleep it was off to the ball park for our personalised tour (10am was obviously too early for others) which was very cool, we even picked up a practice and match ball! After the ball park we headed to the shopping complex and picked up some college football shirts – Notre Dame of course. Had a lazy arvo catching up on baseball and football.


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