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So we woke up on the 13th to find that our luggage had arrived from Las Vegas (yay), so with a clean set of clothes and renewed enthusiasm we headed into the city on the “El”. We headed to the bottom of the city to the Adler Planetarium which sits on Lake Michigan on a pretty nice spot. The planetarium is awesome and after about 3 hrs we done for – way to much for the brain to take in. The star show was excellent.

After the planetarium we started to head back up the city past the very big and beautiful Buckingham Fountain situated very nicely in front of Sears Tower. From there we headed to Navy Pier (kinda like Darling harbour – not as big and much older and grander) and looked around there.

We headed back to the dump grabbed some dinner then hit the ‘net cafe.

The next day we headed to Sears Tower for an excellent view of the city, then up the magnificent mile (Michigan ave) which is really amazing there are these really old grand buildings sitting right next to new ones and at first you don’t even realise. From the city we took the scenic route home via the harbourside road and Lincoln Park Zoo and headed into Lincoln Park to watch the baseball match we hadn’t been able to get tickets for (Monday is apparently half price and very popular !). So we managed to catch the game and some gridiron in a little pub that supports my college team – Notre Dame.


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