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LA to Chicago

We spent today in airports and on planes. The terrorist saga is continuing to have a major effect on airports here in the US, with hand luggage being discouraged and NO liquids being allowed as carry on luggage, so everyone is going crazy getting to airports 4-5 hrs early and with a hundred bags cause they have to stuff all that carry on gear into other bags and the airlines are at this stage waiving excess luggage so they are piling it on.

We managed to check in pretty quickly – only took about an hour and quarter than up through security for our third “you have been selected for extra screening” fun and games – obviously we look like crims; terrorists or druggies – not sure which 🙂

Flight from LA to Las Vegas arrived pretty much on time, well on time enough for us to run literally run from say the very western end of the terminal around to the very eastern end of las vegas (which is not small) and make our connecting flight. Our bags however forget their running shoes and did not make the flight (unknown to us).

So we arrive in Chicago no probs down to baggage and waited and waited and waited – we were not the only ones standing there – we keep checking with the baggage people, yep only one baggage place all bags havent been unloaded, then oh yeah they have your bag didnt make the change – oh great !!! so we wasted nearly 2 hrs waiting for bags that werent even in the state let alone the airport.

So we put our claim in and had a rush put on them, headed out to Lincoln Park to our hostel. Hmm well what can we say this one is complete crap. The room is a dog box as hot as a sauna the window doesnt stay up fan sounds like an FA 18, beds are shit lift is broken public phones are broken, kitchen is like from the 1940s and has a fridge smaller than the one we have in storage for about oh 250 odd guests !!!!

So with no clean clothes, towels to shower or even deodorant we headed down the street to grab dinner and hope the bags arrived and somehow a miracle occurs and the room cools down enough for us to sleep.

Dinner was nice miracle didnt happen bags didnt arrive till wee hours of morning, we barely slept .. hmm were we in good moods when we got up !!!!!!!


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