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Walk of Fame

Today we walked Hollywood Blvd and and a small (and we mean small) number of the stars in the footpath. They go forever and not just on Hollywood Blvd (both sides). We did however manage to see Mickey, Snow White, Rin Tin Tin, Marilyn and Frank (of course) our own little beauties – Nicole and Olivia, Winnie, Big Bird and good ole Donald and Walt along with all the old and new favourites and some we just couldnt believe – really how does Brittany Spears make the Hollywood Walk of Fame ????

We had a lovely yankie BBQ and a few quite beers at the hostel, manage to finally upload our pics though cant get them on to blogger yet (arghhhh) and pack preparing for what could be a long and draining day tomorrow when we attempt to make an aeroplane flight from LA to Chicago – we will let you know the outcome – wish us luck !


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