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Today we woke up nice and early to go to Disneyland and discovered that we can see the Hollywood sign from our room – who said hostelling was slumming it !
So we took the very long journey to Disneyland (about 2 hrs) and arrived with the thousands of others.
One look at the crowds and we knew we had to make a decision – rides or look – for me no probs its look cant say i am much of a ride fan – think its a childhood scar i carry! So we decided to look around and see if at the end of the day we had time to ride.

On the Disneyland train to the back of the park to Toontown where we ventured into Mickey Mouse’s house and into his filming studio for a quick photo shoot. Then it was onto “Its a small world”; fantasy land; tommorrowland; frontier land and all the other lands.

We did manage to get a few rides in though not without a few breaking down before we ride them – which is better than being on them i suppose. We also managed to catch the Parade which wasnt as long as we thought but still pretty cool.

After a pretty long day and some quick snaps of lovely bronze statues of our favorites we headed home with one or two things to celebrate 50 yrs of Disney.


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