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South Rim Grand Canyon

Today it was time to head off into NP commercialisation central – the South Rim. From the first carpark we knew it was going to be hectic. This carpark is probably bigger than several of the others combined and there werent too many free spaces (and we arrived just before 11am!). So we headed down to the first view point into the canyon, looking out across to where we had been yesterday. The view from south rim is much more expansive both length and width, so it does seem to feel a little more overpowering, however, having to knock elbows with everyone does take something away from it. This view point had an old watchtower on the point with pretty good views.

We then made our way down the road stopping at the view points along the way. We then arrived at Canyon village complete with supermarket, fastfood and post office oh and of course many big and little RV’s – these things are awesome both in use and to look at espicially the ones look like coaches !!

From here its onto shuttle buses to try and curb some of the environmental impact on the area and a 40 min bone jarring ride down to hermits rest for a lovely view of the canyon and the great Colorado River, which even from our distance you could still see in parts the rapids flowing – scary to think what they must be like when you are in them !

The south rim has what would be a lovely (if you have the stamina and time and sometimes the stomach for close cliff edge encounters) rim edge walk from the village to hermits rest but with the heat and time factor we opted to walk short parts only. In some parts the cliff drops away about 3000ft – sheer drop pretty spectactular.

South rim has lots of little attractions – galleries and such and heaps of lodges and not a lot else for those that want to hike north rim offers a lot more but overall south rim is pretty amazing. Its just getting to hard to try and describe (hopefully we get pics up soon)


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