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Grand Canyon North Rim

Today we hit the Grand Canyon – finally we make it to the place we have heard about, seen and dreamed about. The north rim is the less visited less commercialised side of the canyon, whilst only 10 miles by the raven (not the crow) its a 205 mile drive from south to north unless you want to walk across then its a 28 mile trek through the canyon across the Colorado and then you still have to make it up the mountain on south side!

The north rim has many trails ranging from short to long, easy to strenuous and its soooo quiet there is hardly a sole there and the views are pretty amazing. The flowers are also abundant here, we havent really seen flowers until we drove here, blue pink yellow white along the roadsides and out in the meadows – very pretty.

The view on this side is not as long or as expansive as the south side but it still takes your breath away because the scenery continues past what the eye (and bino’s) can actually see, the place is huge.

North Rim BIG thumbs up.


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