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Moab to Kanab via some Parks

Today we drove from Moab south to Kanab. We stopped at the southern part of Canyonlands – the “needles” area, which was again very pretty and took us a little closer to the Colorado River. We also saw peter rabbit today, little fury white tailed rabbits – so cute !

From Canyonlands we continued south but turning west till we hit a nice little 3 mile stretch of gravel tight turning cliff hugging road that dropped 1100ft drop, hmmm nice little road map (which we did succumb to buying as our rental car map ran out in arizona/nevada, so when we hit Utah we decided to get a proper map) failed to outline that for us, but the view over “valley of the gods” and across to Monument valley on the horizon did kinda make up for it (once we made it to the bottom).

So we made our way across Monument valley, which really is western movie come Thelma and Louise scenery, its pretty awesome. We also saw Mexican Hat rock (which really looks like a mexican hat). We then drove along the edge of Grand Staircase Escalante (i think thats how its spelt) which looked like kids playing in the sand.

Again we were being chased by a storm on all sides, which we managed to just about aviod except for a 10 minute period after lovely macca’s at Navajo county for dinner.

We saw the very southern end of Lake Powell and the start of Glen Canyon including the big hydro station. Hydro is huge here, just about every large water source or fast flowing river there is hydro connected and along with the windmills (wind power generators) we are not quite sure how the US is called environmentally unfriendly – we have been very impressed. And the recycling too is everywhere has different bins for cans paper plastic and they really promote it.


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