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Arches NP

Today we did Arches NP. We spent the day there looking at some very spectacular arches, bridges, rocks just managing to hang onto their base and some awesome coloured rock/mountains.

There are over 2000 arches in the park so i guess we really didnt do the entire park, we saw about a dozen arches and probably about 20 actual ‘sites’ within the park. Some you can see from the road and relly dont have to be energetic at all, others there is a small hike – anything from 0.2 – 1 mile and then there are the serious trails 1 – 11 mile long. We conquered about 5 of the smaller trails and were considering the 2 mile round hike (approx 2hrs) to Delicate Arch but by this time its was almost dinner time and we were pretty knackered, we had also cheated and viewed the arch from several viewing trails and the hike up, over and along the rocks was alittle past our energy levels.

The arches are pretty amazing – oh by the way an arch as opposed to a bridge is formed by wind, rain and sand; the latter (bridge) is formed by a river flowing through it – some are really small, and others are just huge, they are down low and up high, some are just hanging together by the thread of a piece of sand and others are so thick its hard to imagine how rain and wind carved through it, but i guess a few million years will do that trick.

You could literally spend days in Arches NP there are so many trails and camping spots to choose from, the majority you can do yourself but some rangers are required as once you get deep in the rocks they all look the same and people become lost – we plan on sticking to the nicely marked ones thanks!

So Arches get the big thumbs up.


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