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SLC to Moab via Canyonlands NP

Today we left SLC in a black cloud and torrential rain. Lucky for us we only copped it for about 5 mins whilst at gas station filling up, 5 mins earlier we would have been on the interstate and not able to see a thing.

So after leaving the rain and nasty black clouds behind we headed south towards canyon land – Moab.

It was pretty easy to tell that we were entering Canyon land – the big rock mountains were a bit of a give away. they were pretty awesome specially with the nice storm brewing right alongside of us, and again we somehow managed to miss it.

So we went to Canyonland NP and Dead Horse Point State Park (yep thats it real name) and saw some pretty spectacular scenary – kinda like an old western movie scene big gaping canyons, the Colorado river weaving its way through them and endless plains and plateau’s – all pretty cool.

Canyonlands NP is huge and has a number of camping grounds and quite a large number of trails though most are over the 2 mile mark, there is also a road, hmm maybe its should be called a track that weaves it way down deep into the canyon along the canyon rim. In the picture to the left above the track runs along the RHS of the canyon you can see but the track is not visable on the photo, so for those very adventurous RV drivers its heaven in a truck.

Canyonlands is a big thumbs up. One thing we have found is that the parks are pretty well organised as you go through the gates you get a good map of the park showing trails and amentities and roads, and a newspaper which has some interesting stuff about the park, new things, animals and what to do’s; the actual sites in the parks are really well marked with boards explaining what you are looking at and explaining geological events etc – so we are pretty impressed


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